OnLive Launching June 17

“OnLive launching June 17 for PC and Mac, $15 per month service fee”

“OnLive has announced that its cloud-based game streaming service will launch in the 48 contiguous US states on June 17, 2010. The service will initially be available to PC and Mac owners for a monthly service fee of $14.95. Each game purchase and rental will carry a charge on top of the base subscription.

Steve Perlman, CEO of OnLive, confirmed that the final version of the OnLive “experience” will be demoed at E3 2010, which kicks off just two days before the service goes live. As for the whereabouts of its “micro-console,” Perlman could only say that it will launch at a later date to be announced in the coming months. He offered a quick look ahead at some planned upgrades to the service, the biggest of which is 1080p support at 60 frames-per-second “as the bandwidth becomes available.””

I really hope OnLive or Gakai succeeds! This will be great for PC gaming and piracy prevention in general :)

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