Where Am I?

This is the blog of Megan Carriker – I’m weird, curious and relatively awesome. This is my personal space for random observations on the things I encounter in life. It’s pretty weird but most posts probably revolve around my interests in digital marketing, start-ups and/or Asia. Or things that make me laugh. Or things that have something to do with climate change and saving the world. Or cats.

So who is Megan Carriker?

Megan Carriker was born in 1989 in Mount Airy, North Carolina. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2010 with degrees in Journalism and Mass Communications (Advertising concentration) and Asian Studies (Chinese concentration). Megan is currently residing in Cary, NC as the Marketing & Operations Director for Spark Plug Games, a Manager for Niko Partners and the Managing Editor for TriangleTechTalk. She doesn’t really sleep.

You can follow her on Twitter @megancarriker or find out more on LinkedIn. Or you can check out her snazzy CrunchBase profile. Or find more randomness on her Pinterest boards.

So what’s up with this blog?

I like to share what I find, and I like to share my thoughts. I have a lot of thoughts. Too many thoughts. If I label myself, I think it’s safe to say I’m very thoroughly an INTJ, Type-A, Gen-Y, digital native brat. I’m a very bossy person on top of it all. If you’re all right with being bossed around, maybe this blog is a win-win for both of us.

My previous bio for this sparsely updated page was, “I’m an annoying but observant person. And I’m awesome. Leave me some comments sometime so I can reaffirm the fact that I am quite awesome and that while my posts might be silly, pointless, completely random or absurd…well, they are still interesting.”

That’s still pretty relevant, years later after I started this blog in 2009. It’s aptly titled “Annoyingly Observant” because I am both annoying and have occasional moments of insightful observation. The quote “Because things are always getting curioser and curioser” is from one of my favorite books ever, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It’s super fun to read.

And now, to round it out with some more randomness, here’s a cartoon that never fails to make me smile:


3 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. love the pic :) good luck keeping this up! I personally haven’t managed to keep any of my sites (tumbler, twitter, wordpress, and even facebook) up-to-date..oh well, guess I better try harder! but in the mean time, this site is def. on my feed reader.

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