Urine-Powered Generator

“We’ve all heard the expression “haste makes waste,” but how about waste making energy? At the fourth annual Maker Faire Africa in Lagos, Nigeria, a quartet of teenage girls ages 14 through 15 have created a urine-powered generator. This eco-friendly energy source cranks out six hours of electricity for every liter of human bodily fluid by separating the excretion’s hydrogen with an electrolytic cell. While this method of human waste disposal seems promising, the device has the potential to be a pee-powered biobomb and will need more than its limited safety measures before you’re able to pick one up at your local hardware store.”

Found via Engadget.

This is awesome. The downside of becoming a bomb or bomb-like material is always something a bit depressing to think about, but huge kudos to these girls for making such a neat advancement with great potential to help turn waste into energy. This is pretty much the Girl Effect in motion and it’s a wonderful thing to behold. :)

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