Go Vote Today

If you are the least bit tempted to go vote today (and you’re a US citizen), please go do so. I know of several highly intelligent people who choose not to vote and that’s their choice. But if you’re on the fence…then maybe this post will help push you off that fence and into action.

This was my only politically charged Facebook post this year and it’ll be my only politically charged blog post as well. It’s politically charged because it means a lot to me on a lot of different levels as a woman and just a human being in general. I wouldn’t be here today if these proposed IVF laws were in place. Just watch:

In a nutshell, courtesy Jon Stewart: “If a woman wants to have a baby via IVF she can’t. Rape? She has to.”

So…go vote today, please. Don’t know where your polling place is? This site can help you out.


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