First Female African-American Chess Master

“Brooklyn native Rochelle Ballantyne is poised on the edge of becoming the world’s first African-American female chess master. And she’s only seventeen. Seventeen.

The teenage chess genius is the only female player featured in the documentary Brooklyn Castle (in theaters now), about the chess program at Brooklyn’s I.S. 318 middle school, where 65 percent of the students live below the federal poverty level yet the chess team has more national championships than any other school in the whole country. Now a high school senior, Ballantyne is heading to the 2012 World Youth Chess Championships in Slovenia this month.”

Found via the Mary Sue. Typically I’m wary of articles on the Mary Sue since they are always so overly feminist and blatantly pushing their own agenda. But hey, as a girl who used to love playing chess, I think this is pretty cool.

Irrelevant note: oe of my favorite quotes will always be the Italian proverb, “Once the game is over, the king and pawn go back in the same box.”

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