The First Vertical Farm

“The dense metropolis of Singapore is now home to the world’s first commercial vertical farm! Built by Sky Greens Farms, the rising steel structure will help the city grow more food locally, reducing dependence on imported produce. The new farm is able to produce 1 ton of fresh veggies every other day, which are sold in local supermarkets.” Found via Inhabitat.

Singapore imports over 90% of its food daily – the country is about the size of Charlotte, North Carolina so there’s literally no space to grow produce easily. Until now.

After staying there for over a month, the food was definitely never lacking since the nation is surrounded by plenty of food-growing nationalities (most of the produce comes from neighboring Malaysia). But this is just another step Singapore seems to be taking for self sufficiency, like their water reclamation efforts over the past few years as well.

In general, just an interesting new way to conserve space create new ways to produce more food so we don’t have all those food riots that have been predicted by NECSI. It’s easy to overlook the issues abroad when we can buy food and throw it away here in the United States for comedy…

…but we won’t always have access to such an abundance, y’know?

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