Weather Puppy

“What’s better than checking the weather and finding out it’s going to be a beautiful day? Checking the weather with adorable puppies on it, of course. A Miami based startup has just launched Weather Puppy, a brand new weather app that may just be my favorite app this year.

…The thing that really hooked me on this app though was not just the pictures of dogs, but that it enables dog-related charities to fundraise using the platform.

Weather Puppy has partnered with 13 different charities. Paws4You Animal Rescue in Miami, which is the organization the founder currently fosters with. They have since added the Pennsylvania SPCA, San Diego Humane Society (CA), San Antonio Humane Society (TX), Austin Humane Society (TX), Tampa SPCA (FL), The Anti-Cruelty Society (Chicago), Broward Humane Society (Ft. Lauderdale), Animal Humane New Mexico, Humane Society of Utah, Detroit Dog Rescue, Animal Haven Shelter (NYC) and Mohawk Humane Society (NY).”

Found via TechCrunch

Brilliant. Love creative cause marketing, and this one even provides a real service to boot. :)


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