Every Single Carbon Emission [video]

“We know, in the aggregate, that highways and buildings produce a lot of carbon. All those cars and trucks, and all those office towers and shopping malls–with their heating systems, and lighting, and appliances: It all adds up. No doubt. But that highway and that building and that airport? And how they compare? You can’t really appreciate it until you have good data, and, even more important, a good way of visualizing it.

The aim of the Hestia Project, based at Arizona State University, is to make something that’s currently intangible a little more tangible. Taking data from multiple sources–including property filings, and E.P.A. and D.M.V. records–researchers have built up a comprehensive picture of the city environment, starting with Indianapolis. The red bars show commercial buildings, industrial plants, and power facilities. The green swathes are for private residences. And the gray blocks show vehicle emissions at different points of the road network.”

The more you know.

Found via FastCompany


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