404 Project

I saw this a few weeks ago but had to share…I love clever/utilitarian projects that help with a good cause too:

Found via LaughingSquid.

Although it’s not a cause-related, it makes me think of the usefulness of reCAPTCHA, which serves the purpose of telling whether a user is a human or a computer…but also helps to digitize books, newspapers and radio shows one captcha at a time.

“About 200 million CAPTCHAs are solved by humans around the world every day. In each case, roughly ten seconds of human time are being spent. Individually, that’s not a lot of time, but in aggregate these little puzzles consume more than 150,000 hours of work each day. What if we could make positive use of this human effort? reCAPTCHA does exactly that by channeling the effort spent solving CAPTCHAs online into “reading” books.”

Love this stuff.


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