Tech Jobs Under the Big Top

Tonight is the 4th bi-annual Tech Jobs Under the Big Top event. I’ve been helping with the marketing of this event lately and as of this post, we are currently (technically) sold out once again.

“This isn’t your father’s job fair. Twelve of the hottest rising technology companies in the Triangle will pitch to potential employees. Each company will have a three minute time slot to pitch their open positions to an audience of over 300 job seekers.  The atmosphere? Think jugglers, acrobats, aerial performances, hot dogs, beer, popcorn, etc.   Resumes and suits not required.  After the pitches, companies and their staff will gather at a designated area for job seekers to then focus their networking efforts.”

If you’d like to attend, just add yourself to the waitlist (or just register for free if more tickets have been made available). And if you’d like to see some of the marketing work I’ve done for the event, just check out Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Most of my work has been behind-the-scenes by contacting colleges and press outlets in North Carolina and Virginia to spread the word among students and alumni in the area.

The companies prepared to pitch this time around are:, Bronto Software, Channel Advisor, Contactology, Digitalsmiths, Knowledge Tree, Netsertive, SciQuest, TechJournalSouth, Transloc, Two Toasters and Windsor Circle. These companies range in size from 10 employees to over 300, which means a wide diversity of cultures, job opportunities and work environments. And as of Tuesday, a brand new company announced their last-minute sign-up as they’re planning to hire 50+ people over the course of the next year.

My first time attending was in October, 2011, for the second Big Top event. Here are some pictures if you’re curious as to what it really looks like:


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