You Should Watch Freakonomics

If you don’t have Netflix, I don’t get you. Or at least, one of the main streamable services out there right now – Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, who cares, they’re all fabulous. I haven’t had cable in five years and I won’t ever need it again. Why should I bother when I can get whatever I want, when I want it?

So I’m behind on the times for live events but that’s okay, that means I can go out for those things and make them a social event if I want to. Or mooch off of someone with cable. But there are so few things I care about live and I’m a pretty impatient person, but my patience goes hand-in-hand with frugality a lot of times. I’m more than happy to wait months and months for that new movie to come out on Netflix, thank you very much.

But if you get on documentary kicks like I do, then do yourself a favor go watch Freakonomics if you have a Netflix account. Even if you’ve read the book (there’s a lot of overlap), it’s a great little documentary and source of brain candy that’s just delightful. Ever wondered about the trends of names in the US and how they relate to job success? Ever wondered why the crime rate is consistently going down? Ever just wonder “why” a lot as a kid and had exacerbated parents constantly tell you “because I said so?”

Check it out:

If you’ve seen it already, what’d you think?


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