We Miss You [video]

Have been feeling an urge to get outside more lately and be out in nature. Being outside more typically makes people happier. :)

If you have any suggestions for how to get out and be with nature more easily or are doing some things yourself to get out more, let me know! I’ve noticed there are greenways in my city and I’m thinking about getting a bike.


One thought on “We Miss You [video]

  1. Having easy access to nature in/near your location definitely eases the transition to a more outdoor-oriented lifestyle. A bike is a fun way to get out and explore quickly and easily, so I recommend that you do some more research and seriously consider it. I recently found a bike in a Dumpster at my apartment complex, and after a week or so of repairing it and bringing it back into good shape, I’m really enjoying it. If you decide to get a bike, the primary tip I can offer you is that it’s important to make sure it fits well. If it doesn’t, you won’t ride it. Getting a good fit is much easier said than done, so either invest the time to figure out how to match it to your body or take it to a local bike shop to have them fit it for you. Also, in the process of repairing my Dumpcycle, I learned a lot about how to fix and maintain bikes. Much of it surprisingly easy to do, and you really don’t need many specialized tools. A $20 bike-specific multitool can handle just about anything you may want to do to a bike. If you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to ask me. If you want, I can FW:FW:fwd:re:FW:LINKS TO GOOD ONLINE BIKING RESOURCES. Also, reddit.com/r/bicycling :-)

    Above all (which is ironic, since this is literally below the majority of my message), be sure you’re safe when out and about! In addition to wearing a helmet while biking, I recommend equipping the excellent M202: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/M202_FLASH.

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