Go buy a pink car


“Want to reduce your chances of a thief making away with your ride? You could install a serious security system, but just as effective might be a car purchased with a pink, gold, or beige/brown paint job, according to a four-year study.

Researchers in the Netherlands tracked newly-sold cars from 2004 through 2008, and noticed that, of the 109 pink cars they were tracking, not a single car was stolen. The most stolen cars, meanwhile, were in the most common colors—black, gray/silver, then white. Thieves may like black for the perceived luxury, or the blend-in factor of popular colors. It’s suggested that it’s far easier, on the other hand, to pin down a stolen vehicle in sparkling forest green.”

It seems like common sense. But who really wants to go buy a pink car or cars in those off-colors? Is it worth the harassment…I wonder…


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