Octopi Just Wanna Have Fun, Too

“Octopus Toy Donations are Needed for Living Coasts Aquarium’s Octopuses”

“Torquay, UK – A local charity is inviting children to donate their unwanted toys to octopuses.

Living Coasts Aquarium, Torquay’s coastal zoo, is home to seven octopuses. Researcher Holly Farmer said: “Octopuses are very clever. They like to play and we like to keep them occupied. We have started giving visitor talks and holding public octopus enrichment sessions because people are so interested in what we are doing.

“Children can donate toys and then see the octopuses playing with them. The toys must be in good condition – we can’t accept anything that is broken – and they must be made of plastic, as any trace of metal could kill an octopus.”

Living Coasts Aquarium marine biologist Jodie Peers: “Toys that are good for octopuses include building blocks, plastic balls, stacking cups, rattles and teething rings.”

One of the octopuses is Andre. Andre may be a common octopus but he has uncommon skills. He likes playing with puzzles, building blocks and Mr. Potato Head. He also enjoys puzzle feeders, seaweed, mussel strings and buoys.”

This is awesome. If I were a kid in the UK, I would totally give up a toy or four for an octopus. Or maybe eight…one for each tentacle…

Also, check out the cutest octopus EVER:

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