Vaccination Patch

As a person who is terrified of needles, this could potentially be SUPER

“For most people, the worst thing about getting a vaccination is the big, scary hypodermic needle. So researchers have invented a new vaccine-delivery system that replaces the large single needle with 100 tiny dissolvable ones embedded in a Band-Aid–like patch. The new patch can immunize mice against influenza just as effectively as conventional needle vaccination, its developers report online July 18 in Nature Medicine.

The new patch is coated with 100 microneedles that are shorter than a nickel’s thickness. Lead study author Sean Sullivan, who conducted the research while at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, likens the patch to a Band-Aid with a bunch of tiny needles sticking out on the sticky side.

Once the microneedles pierce the skin, they dissolve into the surrounding bodily fluid, releasing the vaccine in the process. The whole thing takes anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes, Sullivan says.

Since the patch just needs to be slapped on and can be stored at room temperature, medical training and careful handling aren’t required. People could pick up the patches from the pharmacy or even get them in the mail and vaccinate themselves, says Sullivan, who now works for medical device manufacturer Becton, Dickinson and Company. The researchers say that the patch could be used to replace a number of needle vaccinations, including the annual flu shot.”

I heard about it on the news yesterday but seeing a Wired article about it makes it seem much more real. But for once, I may actually get the flu vaccine. Although I’m afraid there will be some super serious, deadly drawback to all of this that we will soon discover in the near future…

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