Old Spice Guy

What a spectacular idea and what a spectacular campaign. Old Spice can do no wrong.

Check out the personalized videos that the Old Spice guy is sending out via twitter…they’re AWESOME. I’ve been watching them since they started early this morning. They started at around 3,400 followers. They’re already up to around 4,300 and the day’s only halfway over with. Here are some of my favorites:





(WordPress isn’t letting me embed these videos since they are unlisted)

I can’t wait to keep updating and see what else they come out with today :D

Any guesses how many followers they’ll have by the end of the day? I’m betting 10k, at least.

Update: As of 07/14, they’ve almost hit 40k. I was going to bet they’re reach 50k by the end of yesterday but I figured that would be too much of a stretch. I’m betting after 48 hours of the launch of this campaign, though, they’ll definitely hit 50k followers. Phenomenal!


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