Craigslist Effect

AdAge has a very interesting article on the ‘Craisglist Effect’ supposedly spreading to content. The article itself is interesting. But I think the most interesting part was the end as well as the first response. 

The article ends like this:

“I’m sensitive to writers who say, ‘What are you doing giving your writing away for free?'” said Mr. Brining, who after failing the bar three times decided writing was more than a hobby. He is supported by his family. “Yes, Bleacher Report is reaping the financial rewards of my work, but it’s also helping me achieve my career. If I am good at this, the compensation will come.”

The first response, by Razorsharp Creative, was this:

By razorsharp | Atlanta, GA June 28, 2010 07:44:59 am:

“…the compensation will come.” Really? From where? You’re making cupcakes for free that the bakery sells for money and you think once you decide you want to be paid for your effort the bakery won’t just find another free cupcake maker?

I would say your plan might work if your cupcakes were incredible, but it seems the tide has turned away from quality and more toward quantity. Because the culture of “free” has permeated our world, people seem more apt to place a premium on price rather than premium itself. And I’m not sure how this trend will change when people are willing to forgo compensation for just credit?

So Mr. Brining, I wish you luck…but you may find the bricks you’ve laid for free have created a wall between you and your money.

-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

At first, I read the last sentence and thought that Mr. Brining was a silly idealist as well. I’m leaning towards agreeing with Aguayo’s deliciously-themed response, personally. But what are your thoughts?


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