You’re Going to Get a Traffic Ticket Soon

Very informative article over at WiseBread

“There was a time when a traffic violation was a rare thing in your life. In fact, some people (like my own Father In-Law) have never once received a ticket. But the clock is ticking on his perfect record, and if you have one, it could soon be tainted.

The reason is simple. Money. Actually, a severe lack of money. Every state in America is feeling the ill effects of the past decade, and they are all desperately looking for ways to balance the budget. And time and again, one reliable source of income in tough times has been traffic tickets.”

I got my first speeding ticket last year and after the $150 cost of the ticket and $150 cost for the lawyer’s fees to keep points from being added to my parent’s insurance…let me tell you what: I do NOT want to get a speeding ticket ever again. Or at least, I don’t want to get caught…

“You see, speeding may be the most popular form of traffic ticket, but it’s not the only one. Aggressive driving tickets are on the up and you will get a fine and 2-4 points on your license for driving aggressively. This includes cutting of other cars and trucks, tailgating, passing on the wrong side, staying in a truck’s blind spot and more.

Then there are the other violations that used to be just a warning. A headlight out, for instance, is a ticketable offence. Texting and driving, or any other kind of cell phone use, is very ticketable (with good reason). Technically, you’re not even supposed to eat or drink anything whilst driving, despite the cup holders. And then there are those red light cameras. They have been proven not to deter anyone from running a red, but there are more of them going up daily. The reason? Ticket revenue.”

I learned something new about the drinking and eating. A seriously informative article! Check it out. And most importantly, remember:

“Before you go cursing out the officers, don’t. They have about as much choice in the matter as you do. These are orders, and are imposed because of budget issues. Basically, issue the tickets or watch jobs and equipment get cut. And it’s all done under the banner of ‘making the roads a safer place.'”


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