Jaguars Love Calvin Klein?

“Jaguars Obsessed with Calvin Klein scent”

“It’s advertised as the “pure essence of masculinity”, a fragrance with a musky, sensual aroma that, by implication, women are bound to find irresistible. But what’s not mentioned in the marketing is that Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men has also proved a hit with jaguars in the Guatemalan jungle.

Scientists are using the cologne to lure the elusive big cats to hidden cameras in the Maya biosphere reserve, a protected tropical rainforest spanning 8,100 sq miles, to help them record, monitor and protect the animals.

The jaguars have been filmed rubbing, sniffing and pawing objects sprayed with the scent, a reaction which perhaps Calvin Klein’s perfumers had not anticipated .

The discovery was made by the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx zoo in New York. In an attempt to draw cheetahs to camera traps, it experimented with 23 different scents. Estée Lauder’s Beautiful detained the cats for two seconds on average, Revlon’s Charlie lasted 15.5 seconds while Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps managed 10.4 minutes. Obsession for Men’s musky scent scored best: 11.1 minutes.”

I think this is super interesting. I love big kitties :) But it makes me wonder…what happens to the rogue metrosexual man lost in the jungle? I mean, he’s just asking to be mauled if these kitties love this scent so much and pay so much attention to it…

My favorite reply from Facebook by copywriter Mike Allen: “I hear cougars like it, too.”


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