Sushi Info!

What You Don’t Know About Sushi

Super interesting article! I learned new things today :) This was probably the most interesting tidbit:

“You’re not supposed to use chopsticks

Dammit! The one skill that I can use across East Asia, and it doesn’t even apply?

Lots of sushi that we eat in American sushi establishments comes in the “roll” format. Traditional sushi is eaten in the nigiri format — a little polyhedron of loosely-packed, slightly sweet and tangy sushi rice topped with a thin slice of raw fish. Ever notice that the sushi sort of breaks apart when you dip it in that little bowl of soy sauce and then try to pick it back up with your chopsticks? That’s because you are supposed to eat it with your hands.

I kid you not. Traditional sushi lovers do exactly that. Corson has a guide of how to eat sushi on his web site. The sushi rice is not usually packed very tightly together, which is why it falls apart when you try to eat it with chopsticks. The method for eating sushi is more or less to hold the sushi piece like it’s a computer mouse, slowly flip it over, and lightly drench one side in the nikiri sauce (soy, depending on where you are eating) provided.

By now you’ve probably seen that comedic video of Japanese etiquette that pokes fun at the traditions and mannerisms that surround sushi consumption. It turns out that much of the behavior is as baffling to the Japanese as it is to Americans.”

Makes me feel weird about having using chopsticks all this time…totally looking forward to my next meal of sushi to try this out :D


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