Influential Women in Tech

“The Most Influential Women in Tech”

“Fast Company’s annual list of the “Most Influential Women in Tech” is out and EA Maxis senior vice president and general manager, Lucy Bradshaw, makes the cut this year – along with several other prominent women in gaming. Other luminaries in their field include XEODesign’s founder Nicole Lazzaro, Ohai CEO and co-founder Susan Wu, Funji’s founder Shinyoung Park, founder and CEO Trina Schwimmer, and game designer Jane McGonigal.”

On the Women in Games International site:

“Lucy Bradshaw tells her kids that when she was young, she had to walk an 8 mile paper route through the harsh winter conditions of her home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Even at the young age of 10, she proved herself to have enough strength, focus, and creativity to get a difficult job done. These same qualities have helped her achieve success in her present position at Maxis.”

I’ve always been a fan of Lucy Bradshaw and lists like these are exciting and encouraging :)


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