Absolutely Awesome Idea! The Shoe Generator!

“Shoe Generator Harvests Power from Walking”

“These shoes were made for walking–and for producing power. A researcher at Louisiana Tech University designed a shoe that contains a small generator in its sole. When the shoe-wearer moves, it generates a piezoelectric charge, which is then converted into electricity for charging batteries or powering small electronics in real time. The designer hopes the shoe can eventually create clean, renewable electricity to charge portable devices like sensors, GPS units and cell phones.”

THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOMELY AWESOME IDEA! :D Oh man. I am such a dork for being so excited about this but I love the ingenuity…it’s one of those great ideas that I’m totally jealous of. Like, why didn’t I think of this first? It’s such an obvious idea! I love this kind of stuff.

“The tech is still being perfected, but Kaajakari says he thinks it will be especially useful for folks without access to the grid, like hikers. The device can currently produce enough power to juice sensors, RF transponders and GPS receivers, but the designer hopes to optimize the technology enough to charge products like cell phones.”

So cool. So nifty.


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