Prezi Presentation

By the way: one of the main things that has kept me busy has been the presence of presentation-exam-things. Y’know how most people have finals in the form of like, multiple choice questions? Well, I’ve had the pleasure/curse of having most of my finals in the format of presentations.

If you’d like to check one of the presentations I was most proud of, you can find it here (the transition from the SWOT to the campaign objectives is so cool – promise). We did work to create a social media campaign for the Charlotte Bobcats, our local NBA team for NC. This was their first year to the play-offs…though they totally choked.

The presentation was made by my wonderful teammate Heather Hosey and…to put it was the best group project experience I’ve ever had. EVERYONE did their part and we made a 98 on our presentation. Our professor even left us with these comments: “What to say?  You completely nailed it and you did so with minimal team conflict.  Can’t wait to see where you all land in the future – you were the crowning glory of the evening (which is why I slated you last).  In the words of the judges, you could present externally tomorrow – you’re ready for the big show!”

So yeah. I just wanted to use this opportunity to brag on my blog :) Big shout-out to my teammates Tiffany, Heather, Chris, Kristen, Stephen, and of nemesis…Nathalie!

And Prezi is SO going to be the new powerpoint. You should definitely check it out.

One thought on “Prezi Presentation

  1. I love it! :) I should of put this on my blog, in fact, I should start blogging on my blog :)

    Had such an awesome experience with CEC but couldn’t of done this semester without you!

    These pictures crack me up haha

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