Create-your-own-chocolate-bar startup

After a stressful time with exams..I can finally let myself blog again.

And my evening was just made sublime with this discovery via Venture Beat:

“Retailers have been using the Web as a way to let shoppers customize their products for a while now, most notably in the jewelry industry with companies like Blue Nile. A German startup called Chocri is taking a similar approach in a less obvious market — chocolate. And now it’s looking to expand to the United States.

The interface is pretty straightforward. Users just go to, then choose from menus of chocolate types, fruits, nuts, and so on. Everything you add contributes to the price — for example I created a basic chocolate bar with almonds and gummy bears, and the price came out to $11, plus $6 for shipping. Once you’re done, Chocri builds the bar in its facility in Germany, then mails it to you. So you get a chocolate bar that hits your exact sweet spot — so to speak — and it’s probably fresher than what you’d buy in the supermarket.”

I checked it looks AWESOME. Way too expensive right now to really take off, though, in my opinion. Without taste-testing abilities transmittable through the Internets…it’s kind of overwhelming to figure out what might work.

I’m pretty sure I would have an expensive chocri bar with a creation sort of like this:

Thoughts? What would your chocri look like? Are you as sad as I am about the price-point for this product or what? :(


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