Portraits of Chinese cities and provinces

“Anthropomorphic portraits of Chinese provinces and cities”

I thought it was cute…part of me just likes the Shanghai and Fujian province caricatures. I only got to see Shanghai during National Week..but I spent an entire semester abroad in Xiamen, China throughout 2008. I like Xiamen’s/Fujian’s caricature a lot :)

“Shanghai: Very bright and capable young man, fast paced, typical impatient hothead and absolute perfectionist. Does not allow himself or others to make mistakes (often troubled because of this) Seems to be surprisingly weak when taking off his glasses. Annoyed when called a “sissy,” loves to be elite and modern.”

“Fujian: a Very strong queen, because she was often in war, she has an aggressive personality, but she is very loyal to her boss. Used to love to fish, now very modernized; still holds grudges about Taiwan’s leaving.”

So true…


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