US Budget game

“Obama Wants Microsoft To Make a Video Game About US Budget”

“Either Obama wants to show everyone just how hard his job is, managing the country’s finances, or he really does think that balancing the books is good fodder for a video game. Erskine Bowles, from Obama’s administration, says that the game “would enable anyone with a computer to take a stab at balancing the budget” and would definitely “go viral.”

Well, I have issues with Erskine Bowles. But beyond seems like an interesting idea. I liked this response the most:

Hooray for this random person! Because…I agree :) Although…I don’t really think this will work.  I mean…games are supposed to be fun. This wouldn’t be particularly fun. Even from an edutainment perspective. And there’s no way to tell what will definitely go viral. Erskine Bowles is just full of hot air on this matter, in my opinion. But it’s still an interesting idea!

One thought on “US Budget game

  1. Wow! Now, that would be interesting. This reminds me when the US military posted their own videogame for free to download.
    Though, this is an interesting idea, I believe it would not settle or fix anything on the argument of whose side is right politically.
    Sadly the lines seem more farther apart than ever before….or maybe that view just comes with getting older?


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