Banning of Violent Video Games

It seems to be the hot new thing to do for just about any country.

“Switzerland Moves To Ban Violent Games”

“Late last year, the government passed legislation making the PEGI ratings mandatory, with a second amendment that threatened to ban the production and sale of mature games outright.

The two motions passed will likely make it illegal to sell or make a game with a PEGI rating of 16+ and 18+. According to reports by, the motion itself carries no legal implications but those are to be hashed by the government out following its successful passing.

The motion allows for a ban on the “manufacture, touting, importation, sale and distribution of game program… in which cruel acts of violence against humans and human-like creatures” occurs.”

Venezuela already chose this path, or decided to pursue this ban, last year. Now their law is in motion and it’s a lot more encompassing than anyone predicted:

“Venezuelan government began enforcing a law on March 3rd banning war videogames and toys, imposing a fine and 2.5 years in prison on the production, distribution, sale, hiring and use of video games and toys inciting violent behavior” Courtesy Slashdot.

Is it just me or does this seem like a ridiculously bad trend that infringes on human rights? As a spoiled American technically allowed the freedom and the right of pursuit of happiness…uhh..this isn’t really clicking in my mind. Banning the USE of violent games should be like banning people from watching violent movies or television programs. Or even violent books. Just my opinion…


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