Zynga = still evil

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Today’s my first time back on the computer since I had surgery. Hopefully my sentences and words won’t sound too loopy…

Anyway. Breaking news: Zynga is still evil.


“After linking Madonna’s fundraising for favelas in Rio to the Kaballah Centre and its dodgy accounting practices investigative bloggers at Folha Online put Zynga’s feet to the fire, forcing the developer of the FarmVille game to admit retaining $1.2 million of the $2.4 million raised in connection with its “relief fund for Haiti.”  Shernaz Daver, a spokesperson for Zynga, made the admission in an email to Folha. It was reported yesterday that Zynga denied keeping Haiti relief funds so this is a  “flip-flop.” Obama ethics guru Lawrence Lessig of Harvard’s Safra Center, who spends little time on social media trust issues, calls the US Congress a “farm team” for K Street lobbyists. Maybe it’s time he takes a closer look at FarmVille…”

They may have gotten their BBB rating up from an F to a B+ but…a tiger can’t change its stripes…


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