Quizno’s Greener Packaging


“Unwrapping Quiznos’ Greener Packaging”

“People sometimes say we need to save the planet for our kids. I sometimes think our kids are going to save us.

If you doubt it, ask Rick Schaden. Schaden is CEO of Quiznos, the fast-food chain best known for its toasted subs, and the father of five children, ages 3 to 19. Today, Quiznos is rolling out new packaging (“Eat Toasty, Be Green”) made from renewable or recycled content that will reduce the chain’s environmental footprint.

When we spoke by phone yesterday, I asked what led him to make the changes.

“Believe it or not, I was home watching a movie called ‘Wall-E’ with my kids,” Schaden said. “You think about LEED-certified buildings and hybrid electric cars and all these really high-tech things, and then you watch ‘Wall-E’ and the world is buried in trash.” ”

Yay for Wall-e having a direct influence and creating some good in the world :)


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