iPad for education


“Is Apple’s new sex ban a ploy to win educators over to the iPad?”

“So we’re expected to believe that the high priests of the Apple App Store magically woke up one morning after two years and suddenly decided that ‘T-and-A’ apps weren’t okay?

That’s what Apple’s head of worldwide product marketing would like us to believe after an interview with The New York Times.

Phil Schiller said the company pulled sexual apps after complaints by women and parents. He tried to fudge the answer on why Wobble iBoobs couldn’t pass muster but Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit app did, saying: “The difference is this is a well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format.”

So what gives? Why is Apple playing the histrionic control freak once again?

We think there’s a more serious business rationale at play. One of the more plausible reasons is Apple’s desire to mass-market the iPad into the classroom.”

I think this is a really good angle that VentureBeat has taken with this issue. Everyone else is covering the women’s rights issues and acting as if Apple is being stupidly controlling for no reason. Of course there has to be a reason and this would be the most probable and most profitable reason – they want educators to buy their product. By cleaning it up…well, it all makes sense. “Bringing the iPad into the classroom means bringing it into family homes and accelerating adoption among mainstream users, not just technophiles. And Kaching! That would mean a lot more App Store sales.”

With my hometown recently signing on to use iPods instead of textbooks and encouraging the use of Apple technology throughout the school system…it makes sense. I think bravo for Apple for this profitable market they’re tapping and bravo for VentureBeat for catching the right angle with their coverage.

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