Social Gaming + Education = Progress

“How Social Gaming is Improving Education”

“For decades, educators have been scrambling to find better ways to prepare students for the real world. It began with the mildly apocalyptic government report, A Nation at Risk, which warned that an outdated school system was unwittingly sabotaging America’s economic superiority. Year after year, major educational organizations would echo the report’s call with threats of dire consequences and pleas for sweeping reform, from the U.S. Department of Labor to the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

Audits of the U.S. educational system have revealed that the highest hurdle to adopting skills-based teaching practices is the lack of an easily implementable curriculum.

Enter social video games as a solution — immersive environments that simulate real-world problems. Today, technologically eager schools are replacing textbook learning with social video games, and improving learning outcomes in the process. Here’s how they’re doing it.”

My only issue with this article is that there are a lot more examples out there of innovation in this field…and they don’t have to do with Second Life. Grr, Second Life. My pet peeve of the social media realm. If you want to get on my bad side: talk about how Second Life is great and it’s going to make a come-back and…just..scratch that. Don’t mention it around me.

I think this is great, though. Finally! Some progress in the U.S. education system that moves things forward, hand-in-hand with technology!

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