Favorite Superbowl Spots

My favorites:

Unilever Dove
It’s good that Dove always supports people being comfortable in their own skin. I really like that message for their brand. It was a heck of a lot better than all of the other ads out there putting down men left and right…what was up with that?

Doritos: Snack Attack Samurai
I love how they feature CGC every year…and it always cracks me up. This definitely doesn’t beat my all-time favorite, though. The Crystal Ball commercial of ’09.

Volkswagen: PunchDub
I think my favorite part of this ad is how you don’t get it at first…you have to keep watching it and then it clicks. I like aha moments like that. And my absolute favorite moment: realizing that was Stevie Wonder at the end with Tracy Jordan. As a fan of 30 Rock and a fan of wittiness…it was a good moment.

I really liked Google’s ad but I’ve seen it before so that sort of detracted from the “aww” moment. I also really liked the Green Police ad:

As for least favorite ads: GoDaddy always tops my list. But seriously..what was up with the back-to-back pantsless commercials…and then the back-to-back usage of old Youtube memes? C’mon, people. It’s 2010!


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