Upcoming Alice in Wonderland

As a big fan of Charles Dodgson’s original and a fan of Tim Burton’s works…I’m really looking forward to this movie!


“First Look: A Drooling Alice in Wonderland Beast”

“Direct from Tim Burton’s twisted take on Alice in Wonderland come new images of the beauty — Anne Hathaway’s White Queen — and the beast, aka Bandersnatch (pictured). Described by Disney as a “disgusting, drooling, foul-smelling creature with a big filthy body and the squashed, teeth-baring face of a rabid bulldog,” Bandersnatch shreds characters with a single swipe of his razor-sharp claws.

We can only hope some creative fans come costumed as Bandersnatch when they show up at the Alice in Wonderland event Feb. 19 at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles. Burton, cast members and musicians featured on the Almost Alice soundtrack album will be on hand for a sneak preview/concert. Streamed live by MySpace, the event will hype the March 5 release of Walt Disney Pictures’ 3-D adaptation of the Lewis B. Carroll fantasy.”

Hopefully it won’t be a bust…

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