I feel old


“Happy 10th Anniversary Sims”

“On Jan. 31 2000 Electronic Arts open the floodgates to another one of Will Wright’s off-kilter, but strangely addictive games.

Over the next ten years the Sims franchise sold more than 100 million copies and became the best selling PC franchise of all time.”

I remember buying The Sims in Wal-mart the day it came out with $40 of my birthday money. As a cheapskate, I remember thinking it was a ridiculously painful price for a video game but I saw it and immediately wanted it. Especially because my best friend had been raving about it and I followed his opinion on everything (fortunately! because he helped eventually introduce me to all of my favorite video games..)

A decade later…I cannot count how many days of my life I have lost to this series..and still, I love it so :) Happy birthday, Sims! :D

(Update: For more info)

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