Pretty funny

“Chinese ‘iPad’ Maker Threatens to Sue Apple for Plagiarism”

“A Chinese company is claiming that its iPad knockoff is in fact an original design that has been copied by Apple. The P88 has been on the market in China for six months. It’s easy to recognize: it looks just like a big iPhone.

Xiaolong Wu, the president of the Shenzhen Great Loong Brother company which makes the P88, gave an interview to Spanish national newspaper El Mundo. If the iPad comes to China, he says, “We won’t have any choice but to report them,” because “it will certainly affect our sales.””

As the article states…it’s probably a publicity stunt. But it’s pretty funny. Ohhh, China. You’re so funny. And a big “sorry” to the companies there but…it’s not like you can make other companies adhere to rules you already openly and repeatedly break. I mean, c’mon. Seriously? Just do a search at for their “Keepin’ it real fake” tags for proof. In any case…a tiger can’t change its stripes so easily, regardless of what the U.S. wants to think…

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