High-Speed Rails in the US


“Can High-Speed Rail Succeed in America?”

“Environmentalists came away from President Obama’s first State of the Union address on Wednesday with mixed feelings. Yes, the President focused on the importance of investment in clean energy and energy efficiency as the best way to sustainably grow America’s moribund economy, and he mentioned clean coal, biofuels and nuclear power (though not renewable energy), and he talked up the need to pass a “comprehensive energy and climate bill.” But notably, he said nothing about putting a price on carbon — which is considered by most greens to be the key move to reduce global carbon emissions.

There was one part of the speech, however, that no green could fault: Obama’s call for the creation of a high-speed rail system as a way to generate green jobs, enhance economic productivity and reduce carbon emissions. On Thursday, Jan. 28, the White House announced the awarding of $8 billion in stimulus funding to kick-start high-speed-rail projects and improve service in 13 corridors across the country. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Tampa, Fla., to announce the projects, which include the construction of an 84-mile high-speed track from Tampa to Orlando.”

I think this is really exciting, personally. If it actually happens…

(Update: Wired has a piece on this now, too)

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