“Hulu’s subscription service might run $5 for access to select shows”

“There was a mini-internet revolt the last time NBC Universal’s TV chief started talking about ways to actually turn a profit from Hulu and the search for a balance continues. People familiar with the matter — our favorite source by the way — told the LA Times that the search in question could take another six months before official pricing is announced, but the latest idea being thrown around is to charge a $5 per month subscription for access to older shows. A quick search of Hulu just showed that only the past four or five episodes of newer shows are currently available, so charging for older shows means new access to additional content.”

I’d pay $5 for Hulu..I’d probably pay up to $15 a month to get the shows I want, to be honest. This whole…taking episodes down after 5 days or whatever is really annoying.


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