This is why…

This is why I don’t walk across the street and talk on the phone at the same time:

“Forget Gum. Walking and Using Phone Is Risky.”

“SAN FRANCISCO — On the day of the collision last month, visibility was good. The sidewalk was not under repair. As she walked, Tiffany Briggs, 25, was talking to her grandmother on her cellphone, lost in conversation.

Very lost.

“I ran into a truck,” Ms. Briggs said.

It was parked in a driveway.

Distracted driving has gained much attention lately because of the inflated crash risk posed by drivers using cellphones to talk and text.”

I’ve always told people when I’m crossing a street while talking on the phone, personally, because I know I literally can’t handle it. I’ve gotten a bit more savvy over the years and can handle it to a greater extent but…at least I know myself and know better, in most occasions, than to allow that to happen…


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