Steam Account: SOLD!

Looks pretty solid to me...

This is an example of a Steam account

“Steam Account Sells for $1,000 on eBay”

Not sure what Valve is going to make of this. Pretty sure it becomes outlawed soon. But if you don’t know what Steam is…the premise is that it is a gaming portal or platform of sorts where you can easily download and launch your games from. You can access it where-ever there’s a Steam client downloaded. The games are linked to your account, not your computer.

Where I see this becoming an issue is that Steam offers some SUPER deals at games that are normally $10 for a buck or something along those lines. Some people could make a pretty penny off of Valve by buying up games for cheap then selling off their accounts. Personally, I only have Steam because I have the Orange Box but so far it’s a really cool service and I can see it becoming more prevailant in the future.


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