Look at these sheeples…


Look at all the sheeples...where do they all come from?...


“Clive Thompson on How Group Think Rules What We Like”

“Can you persuade someone to like a product by telling them that it’s popular? Do teenagers like Taylor Swift because she’s good or because everyone else they know likes her — so hey, she must be good, right?

Sociologist Robert Merton dubbed this tendency to base what we think we think on what other people are doing the “self-fulfilling prophecy” in 1949, and since then social scientists have tried to measure how powerful it actually is. Now, based on some studies conducted with the help of the Internet, it seems clear that we’re often just sheep.”

An excellent article that I read in last month’s Wired..I’m so glad it’s online! READ IT! It’s totally why I don’t ever go by reviews for music, movies, video games….etc. Then again, I already know my tastes in all forms of entertainment are pretty weird so I just accept that and go my own way against the mainstream. :)


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