Vindictive cat

My cat is evil.

Eeeeevil cat

Her name is Rose. She is evil.

An example of my cat being evil is my Facebook status from this morning:

“Megan Carriker: …nothing quite like waking up at 6:40 to the sound of your cat vindictively tipping over a half-full glass of water onto your laptop, just so you’ll wake up and feed her..only to see her sit and stare at the bowl once you’ve given her food”

I’m hoping this makes it on to FML.

But on the bright side, I got a kick out of this: “Samüel Heroy: just saying…maybe” Which made the whole experience worth it.

Check it out:

Dum dum daaaaa

My favorite, and the most relevant for this morning:

CATS ARE EVIL! But I still love 'em...


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