Super super super helpful

“The Best Times to Buy Anything, All Year Round”

Lifehacker = one absolutely amazing website that I would highly recommend to EVERYONE! Check it out!

As for the specifics of this article…

“Want the specifics? Here’s the data dump from our little research experiment. The reasons for these items being suggested in their particular months varies, but generally they’re pinned to getting a better deal when sales are slow, when new products are just about to roll out, or when every single retailer is selling at a discount. If you’re interested in the source articles for this compendium, we’ve listed them near the end of this (already long) post.


Jan. 1 – March 31


April 1 – June 30


July 1 – Oct. 1


Oct. 1 – Jan. 31

You have to visit the rest of the article to see everything else but this chart in itself is SO COOL and SO NIFTY!


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