It’s nah-tal, not nay-tal

“Natal set for Holiday 2010 release”

I’m no Microsoft/Xbox 360 fangirl but Natal looks really cool. Like…really, really cool and really, really exciting. If they can pull it off successfully and follow through with what they show in their demos…

It looks like it’s going to be a rough learning curve for most people…you’ll have to have really purposeful, exaggerated movements. And it’ll probably be really easy to do something else on accident. I don’t see how they can nail down most of this stuff to make it accurate…but if they can…ohhhh it will be great.

And Milo is just cool. If only they can start pronouncing his name right ;D


2 thoughts on “It’s nah-tal, not nay-tal

  1. Some more updates:
    [Project Natal lead developer Alex Kipman] says Natal consumes just 10 to 15 per cent of the Xbox’s computing resources and it can recognise any pose in just 10 milliseconds. It needs only 160 milliseconds to latch on to the body shape of a new user stepping in front of it.
    The system locates body parts to within a 4-centimetre cube, says Kipman. That’s far less precise than lab-based systems or the millimetre precision of Hollywood motion capture. But Douglas Lanman, who works on markerless 3D interaction at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and is not involved with Natal, says that this will likely be accurate enough for gamers.
    “Reports covered by Kotaku this morning indicated that the Natal would use 10-15 percent of the Xbox 360’s “computing resources.” Those reports gave way to comments we received from a source familiar with the development of Project Natal who said that the peripheral would actually need to use up to 33 percent, a third, of the 360’s CPU.”

  2. You can’t just take a common word, use it for your product and then demand people pronounce it differently. Just no. So fuck you Microsoft, and fuck your lack of understanding of English

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