Internet Explorer = on the way out

“Internet Explorer losing users as other browsers set share records”

Personally, I use Firefox...

Internet Explorer losing steam

Personally, I use Firefox but even it is having its problems right now.

I think it’s good to see IE finally losing steam, though. Considering all of the issues and holes in’s about time…


One thought on “Internet Explorer = on the way out

  1. Let me start by saying I’m using my predominate browser, Firefox, to write this comment and add that 99% of my browsing is done with Firefox even though it has had so many security vulnerabilities over the past year as to go from version 3 to 3.6.6 is a short period of time. Of course I upgrade and patch the browser to try to keep ahead of these problems.

    In February what you wrote was basically true, although you imply security vulnerabilities in IE, which is not a valid statement.

    Browser users have a responsibility (often ignored) to keep their software up to date. IE 8 has been unusually void of all but one known unfixed issue when compared to any other major browser over the last year. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera have all, individually, had more reported security vulnerabilities over the last year than IE 8, and have required numerous patches, especially given that most of those vulnerabilities were reported serious or critical in nature. IE 8 has one reported unfixed bug reported minor involving UTF-7. In fact it is so obscure and of minor consequence that MS does not deem it necessary to fix.

    That unfortunate statement aside, (and not being a MS pundit, just attempting to be unbiased and factual,) reports IE 8 has been gaining market share. Were I to speculate, it could very well be the numerous and serious vulnerabilities that have plagued Firefox and Chrome over the last year that may be responsible for user’s becoming frustrated and moving to what has turned out to be a extraordinarily secure IE 8.

    I’m going to keep using Firefox, but I can see why some users may be moving back to IE 8.


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