Upcoming Tech for 2010!

Better than 2009 but probably a little less interesting than 2011 and especially 2012



“Ten Technologies That Will Rock 2010”

It was pretty cool reading about some of these..I hadn’t heard of some of ’em. But I’m definitely looking forward to augmented reality (if you haven’t seen the Yelp easter egg, check it out) and, as seen yesterday, mobile transactions. Thing is…those are already going on in Japan and a few other countries. Same for mobile video. Android…eh. But social CRM will be huge as it’s already taking over Facebook fanpages and Twitter business feeds. Companies just need to figure out how to do it right.

Tablets are probably going to be a letdown since people want stuff like the tablet seen in Avatar but that won’t be comin’ down the pipeline for a while. On the bright side..Chrome OS should be pretty snazzy! I’m ready for something different, at least, considering how often FireFox crashes…


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