Web 2.0 Suicide

For those of you anti-social-media Luddites out there…


I would say this is bad or disconcerting to have in your web browser's history

Commit web 2.0 suicide!

“Wipe The Slate Clean For 2010, Commit Web 2.0 Suicide”

The video is pretty unnerving but it’s an interesting idea. I’ve certainly thought about it myself considering how often I check Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and my blackberry…every single day. Yet I know I never will. But even John Mayer’s got his own thing going on right now – “Tonight, Mayer has announced a One Week Digital Cleanse. The purpose? To ring in the new year with a slightly less chaotic mental state. In his post announcing the Cleanse, Mayer likens our increasingly scattered lifestyles to fragmented hard drives. It’s an apt comparison — between sites like Twitter, Facebook, and multiple Email boxes, most of us have data and friendships scattered across a dozen different places. Mayer thinks giving some of these up for a while might be a good way to “defragment” our minds. He’s not quitting these services the way Trent Reznor and Miley Cyrus did, he’s just taking a week long break, and he wants his fans to join him.”

Seems like the new thing that all the cool kids are doing. Personally, though…I think we’re all way too dependent at this point.


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