State Laws – hooray or worrisome?

As a North Carolinian, I’m sort of proud but also worried with what’s going on for 2010…

“2010 starts with new state laws on texting, cigs”

“Among the most surprising new laws set to take effect in 2010 is a smoking ban for bars and restaurants in North Carolina, the country’s largest tobacco producer that has a history steeped in tradition around the golden leaf. Starting Saturday — stragglers get a one-day reprieve to puff away after their New Year’s Day meals — smokers will no longer be allowed to light up in North Carolina bars and restaurants. There are exceptions for country clubs, Elks lodges and the like, but the change is a dramatic one for North Carolina, whose tax coffers long depended on Big Tobacco.”

Now, I’ve seen Thank You For Smoking plenty of times and I love that movie. I also hack up a lung every time I’m near smokers or at the very least, I can smell it constantly when they are around. So part of me is all hooray for this law…it’s a step in the right direction for everyone’s health and as a non-smoker, I get a cleaner atmosphere and..etc.

But what about the smokers? Their rights are dwindling. Especially with workplaces refusing to hire them as a move to cut insurance costs. Should we be worried about how much state regulation is going on and if it’s interfering with the rights that people have, especially to pursue happiness? I’m conflicted about this.

Also, this little gem: “America’s roads should be safer in 2010, as bans on texting while driving go into effect in New Hampshire, Oregon and Illinois. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, that will make 19 states that have outlawed the practice, not including six states that prohibit using hand-held cell phones while behind the wheel.” I’ve seen more people texting now than ever before, just being super sneaky about it. I must admit that it’s terrifying to see a person driving an 18-wheeler and texting. But this law isn’t going to stop any of us…


Like the texting law, this is an example of fail

Yay for laws that can’t be enforced and that, while trying to protect people from a dangerous activity, only make said activity more exciting and likely to be done while driving! Yay.

One thought on “State Laws – hooray or worrisome?

  1. just like everyone rides without seatbelts because it’s more exciting?

    texting while driving is a hazard to others. plain and simple. it’s a distraction, and it’s not necessary. does that mean it should be illegal while driving? no. but the penalties for reckless driving and causing an accident should be much more severe. do something stupid [like texting and rear ending someone during a break check] and cause a 15 car pileup on I-40? lose your license, pay a hefty fine, week in jail, traffic school. or some combination above.

    Btw, this isn’t meant as a zero-tolerance policy, because zero-tolerance = zero thinking. penalties should be discretionary based on the ment of the judge.

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