As a child, I always hated to share. I never got the “plays well with others” comment on my report cards, to say the least.

Times have changed, though. I mean, sharing is all the rage and I’m into that stuff now. The part about me being a bossy brat as a kid remains so some things never do really change. Regardless, I had a blog in the early 00’s when the foreign word “blog” was just beginning to roll off the tongues of the masses. Since then, I’ve tried three other times to maintain a blog. I always fail. I forget to update. I don’t have fun things to share. I never stay on focus. I never have a focus. Blah blah blah.

But recently I’ve gotten addicted to flooding people with random links on Facebook. I am annoying and update my profile three to ten times a day, eager to share stupid stuff with my friends. Hoping to spare them the constant deluge of random things I find, this is my 2010 resolution: maintain a blog with the random stuff I find and spare my friend’s Facebook feeds.

I'm a brat

This is me!

In any case, my name is Megan Carriker and this is also a launch into my self-branding experience. I’m graduating in May from UNC-Chapel Hill a year early, doubling in Advertising and Asian Studies. More about myself later, though. All you need to know now: I’m annoying but I’m pretty observant and I love finding scoops online.

Let’s see how this goes. And a happy new year to all! :)

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