Marketing Blunders of ’09

As a student of advertising…I can’t help but be fascinated:

“10 Worst Marketing Blunders of 2009”

My favorite: “Because I have a really limited imagination I thought the big celeb marketing mishap story of the year would be Michael Vick’s failed attempt to become a spokesperson for PETA. Then along came Tiger who prefers women with bad nose jobs to the Swedish bikini model he is actually married to. The story broke on Nov. 27th, when Mrs. Woods apparently decided to prove her own golfing expertise. This was unfortunate for Accenture which two days earlier had kicked off its annual Tiger campaign. A print ad which ran in the Nov. 30th Wall Street Journal featured Tiger Woods walking in the rough under the headline: “The road to high performance isn’t always paved.” And watch out for the trees and fire hydrants. Accenture has since declawed its Tiger connection.” AT&T broke it off this today too with a wonderful Gizmodo headline: “AT&T Drops Tiger Woods Like an Important Call

Moreover, my favorite facebookfan page lately: “A Lion would never cheat on his wife.. but a Tiger wood.



Oh Tiger Woods. On the bright side, you brought newspapers back to life this year…


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