$300,000 on a virtual item

Wow. Just…wow.


“So Some Guy Spent Over $300,00 On A Virtual Item”

Apparently, this guy just spent $300,000 on an item called the “Crystal Palace” in Entropia Online/Entropia Universe, a Swedish MMORPG. The equally amazing aspect to this story: this isn’t a new occurrence  for Entropia Universe. “Treasure Island” was sold for $26,500 in 2004 – at the time, the highest price ever paid for a virtual item. But in 2005, “Asteroid Space Resort” was bought for $100,000. Check out more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entropia_Universe

Where people make real money! Seriously.

Entropia Universe, one brilliant Swedish MMORPG that knows how to work real currencies into a virtual economy...

I think people are finally beginning to realize the dangerous combination of competitive gaming with virtual currency. It was only a matter of time…and Zynga along with all the other presences in SNS gaming know how to tap into that for sure. And this doesn’t seem to be made of fail like Second Life and their pointless virtual realm that people are still trying to cling to. In any case…this sort of news story is only gonna get bigger and more common in the future.

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